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Over 10 million pets become lost each year according to the National Humane Society. The use of pet identification helps pet owners to be quickly reunited with their lost companion. Using a variety of identification methods such as a microchip, identification tag and license will increase the chance that your pet finds its way home.


Microchipping is a permanent pet identification system. A microchip approximately the size of a grain of rice containing a unique ID code is implanted under the skin between the shoulder blades.  Anesthesia is not necessary for implantation and can be performed while your pet is here for a procedure or an exam. It is safe for puppies and kittens, as well as older pets who may wander from home. Microchipped animals are enrolled in the AKC Companion Animal Recovery Unit database where contact information is stored. If a lost pet is found, the Recovery Unit can be reached 24 hours a day to help reunite the pet with its family. Our hospital utilizes microchips which are readily detected by scanners at veterinary hospitals, animal shelters and humane societies.


Identification tags, rabies tags and county licenses attached to an animal's collar contain additional information about your animal. Our rabies tags have hospital information and a number that our computer system can link to the owner of an animal. Be sure to keep contact information current with your name, address, daytime and evening phone numbers and pet's name.


In the event of a move consider using a temporary tag with contact information of friends or family until you get settled.


If your pet is ever lost or you find a lost animal be sure to contact us as well as the humane societies. Many times Good Samaritans will bring a wandering animal to our hospital. We keep the pet until the county can pick up the animal for transport to the shelter. We have a bulletin board to list lost or found animals. Clackamas County Dog Control and humane societies also have web sites with lost and found animal information. We can tell you of many heartfelt reunion success stories! Hopefully in using the above information your pet will not be the main character in the story for long if lost.